Dress code:
  • All the students should wear clean, neat and decent formal dress.
  • T-shirts in any form are not permitted. Shirts with captions/psychedelic colours are not permitted.
  • Boys should tuck in their shirts, wear shoes; and Girls should wear Sarees.
  • During educational tours, students shall wear a formal dress that will fit the culture of the Institution. Violation of the dress code will be brought to the notice of the Principal for necessary action.
    Attendance / Leave:
  • Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance. However, they should maintain a minimum of 85% attendance.
  • Taking leave on health grounds, absence due to participation in co-curricular or extracurricular activities shall be limited to 15% of attendance.
  • Students should submit the leave letter, signed by parents/ guardian, to the department, before availing leave.
  • On-duty leave for a student is limited to a maximum of 10days Per year. The duty leave may be availed for participating in any competition related to Institution/University like fine arts, sports, paper presentation, project work etc. Students should submit their on-duty leave form duly signed by their tutors of the Department in advance.
  • Permission to leave the college premises during working hours may be granted only by the Principal, recommended by the Staff of the respective Department, on specific request from a student.
  • Sick or unforeseen leave for more than three days should be supported by proper documents and submitted along with the leave letter when he/she returns to the college.
  • Students should get prior permission to bring their own materials or tools inside the college campus for doing project or other academic works and also should get the gate- pass to take back the material.
    Identity Card:
  • Every student should wear the identity card (ID) inside the campus.
  • Students who have lost their ID Cards may submit a written request to the Principal for a duplicate identity card
  • Students must be regular and punctual in attending theory classes and workshops/laboratory sessions.
  • Students should be in their seats 5 minutes before the commencement of classes and observe proper classroom etiquette.